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About Us


Proudly Australian Owned and Operated 

Since 2007-2010


We started with an idea searching for something new different and exquisite to offer our friends family and the general public.




While searching for new extraordinary fancy confectionary + novelty items from all around the world we stumbled across what is called Gourmet Gumballs 




They come in almost any flavour and type possible even ice cream flavour and watermelon flavour that even look like watermelons green lined on the outside and pink in the middle just like a real watermelon. Once I had tried all of these types I began to become obsessed and hooked as they were so flavoursome and different. It then hit me, as this is  just the product i have been looking for all along.


Once we knew they were all awesome flavours and long lasting we ordered our first shipment in Dec 2007 being 35,700 Gourmet Gumballs.


And was sold out by Feb 2008.


We then realized we couldn't let our customers down after getting them hooked on this new wild product.





So we knew it was time to action and become the main suppler of Gourmet Gumballs In Australia and take things to new heights. 


So we did !!


We ordered over 500,000 Gourmet Gumballs and Instantly become Australia's Largest Gourmet Gumball Supplier.


We Now sell different size gumball packages as well as loose wholesale cases for vending company's and the general public.



Our product is unique distintive and special just like our customers who support Gourmet Gumballs.


Our Mission for the 2011 and the future ahead is to expand our product range & keep raising product quantity's.             

We will be aiming to get Gourmet Gumballs Brand New Lizard Range in shops, markets and service stations all around the world.


We will continue to provide Australia Gourmet Gumballs with great service, low prices, free gifts and excellent loyalty.


Kind Regards

The Gourmet Gumball Team. 

Phone: 04515 FANCY