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Chew 4 Better Health







People have been chewing gum for thousands of years. Ancient Greeks, Mayas, and Native Americans, for example, chewed on the sap, or resin, of certain types of trees.


Most schools ban chewing gum, but in a few years they might consider changing that rule. Why? Scientists are finding evidence that gum chewing may be good for your health. It may even help boost your test scores.

Preliminary research suggests that regular chewing can help you remember names, make you thinner, whiten teeth, and more. Just last year, the Wrigley Company formed the Wrigley Science Institute to fund gum studies around the world.

This exciting research is just beginning. And in the meantime, companies are also experimenting with adding vitamins, minerals, medicines, and other substances that could give gum the power to cure headaches and fight everything from serious diseases to bad breath.

These enhanced gums are part of the growing number of foods and drinks that contain health-boosting ingredients. If you're already a gum fan, that's probably welcome news.

An ingredient called xylitol, which is added to some gums, provides an extra dose of cavity-fighting power. This is good for more than just the teeth. Research suggests that good oral health decreases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other serious diseases.



TOP 11 Benifits Of Chewing Gum

* Freshens Breath

* Whitens teeth

* Cavity - fighting power

* Decreases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, & other serious diseases.

* Helps Reduce your weight

* Makes you Smarter

* Helps Fights Bad Habbits

* Improves Your Memory

*Improves delivery of oxygen to the brain

* Chewing Gum Keeps You awake

* Relieve anxiety and improve alertness




Chewing Gum Helps With Loosing Weight

Gum can also make you loose some weight. Researchers from the Mayo Clinic proved this! Chewing sugar-free gum 100 times a minute for 12 minutes can burn 70 kilocalories an hour. It will raise your metabolic rate by twenty percent! That’s eleven pounds per year!



Makes You Smarter

Another reason why gum is good for your health is it makes you smarter. Japanese researchers showed that brain activity in the hippocampus (an important area for memory) will increase while you are chewing! Also, chewing can increase your heart rate, which improves delivery of oxygen to the brain!

My last reason is that it can help you concentrate. It can replace coffee as it helps you stay awake. That is why many truck drivers and college/university students chew gum.





Used, as an Alternative to Bad Habbits

Chewing gum can also be used as an alternative to bad habits. For example, there are many smokers that want to quit, but can’t because it is too addictive. They tried cold turkey/chicken and it does not work.
One good solution is to chew gum, like Nicotine! It sends nicotine to the body, removing the need to smoke. Another bad habit that chewing gum can be an alternative for is nail biting.
Many people, children and adults, have a habit of biting their nails. Chewing gum can help because when you are chewing, it eliminates the need to bite your nails.

Supporting Evidence 
Americans chew about 1.8 pounds of gum per person each year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. By showing that gum chewing can be healthy, companies that make and sell gum hope that we'll chew even more.

Supporting evidence: In a 2002 study of 75 people out of Northumbria University in England, gum-chewers performed better than nonchewers on a memory test. From a list of 15 words, chewers remembered eight or nine words immediately after hearing them and seven words 25 minutes later.
Nonchewers and people who pretended to chew remembered six or seven words immediately and just five words later. How could that be? The simple act of chewing can get your heart pumping significantly more blood to the brain, suggests a small Japanese study. And more blood carries noggin-nourishing oxygen. It’s one theory, anyway.

Nutritionist Gil Leveille, executive director of the Wrigley Science Institute, says that chewing gum might also be good for your brain. One Japanese study of nine participants, he says, found that chewing gum boosted the flow of blood to participants' brains by up to 40 percent. Blood carries oxygen, which fuels brain cells.

Other small studies have found that people perform better on memory tests while chewing gum. And a study in the United Kingdom found that people who chewed gum while memorizing a list of words did about 25 percent better at recalling those words than people who didn't chew gum.

"It certainly makes sense," Leveille says, "that increased blood flow would be related to increased alertness."



Medicine gumballs

Other researchers are finding that gum might work better than a pill to deliver medicines and other substances into the bloodstream. That's because the lining of our cheeks can absorb certain substances more quickly than our stomachs and intestines can.

In 2006, Danish scientists found that people absorbed nearly three times as much of an allergy medicine when they chewed it in gum as when they swallowed it in tablet form. The researchers found that 40 percent of the medicine entered the bloodstream directly through the cheeks of the gum-chewing patients.

That discovery could help other researchers develop medicine-containing gums that fight colds, relieve headaches, battle nervousness, and more. Scientists might even create antimicrobial gums that cure bad breath.

Those projects may take years, but gum scientists have already had at least one recent success: They've created a gum that could help us stay awake.



Comments From Customers

Dear michelle, not all gum companies use artificial sweetners. lotte, the most popular japanese gum, is all-xylitol (which actually is beneficial!)

— Anna, Tokyo, JP

08/31/2009 - 6:55pm

Only chewing 100% xylitol gum is good for you. Xylitol, prevents cavities, helps you on your diet, has no chemical properties and is sweetened by a natural plant extract. EVERY GUM COMPANY in this country is using succrolse, aspartame, splenda in their gum. These ingredients will kill you! They are chemicals produced by a scientist using a genetic engineering process!! They produce BRAIN tumors, brain damage, MS, Parkinsons disease and a total of 92 different side effects after prolonged use. I have extensively researched this! Once you chew gum the sweetners turn into methanol (Gasoline, turpentine) in your stomach, which turns into formaldhyde (embalming fluid) and Formic acid which is the same as ANT POISON!! These chemicals cant be digested and they stay in your body and your intesines thereby destroying your tissues, especially your brain! I know I have been ill for awhile and lost part of my sight in one eye because I had chewed two packs a day for a year. That is one of the horrible side effects of prolonged use. If you want to learn more GET yourself educated and check these web sites OUT: Dorway.com and Aspartmekills.com. There are real news brodcasting reels you can watch, they will tell you the whole ugly truth about what we have been consuming for years, and how these huge companies have put our lives in DANGER and made us the guinea pigs! FOR MONEY!!! Especially read ALL about DIET COKE!!!!

— Michelle, Houston, TX

08/31/2009 - 6:53pm

I am so glad that i read this article. Now that i read this article, i can have a debate with the principal of my school, that gum really helps you learn more. Thanks a whole lot.

— Alexiania Gomez

08/31/2009 - 6:53pm

Chewing gum is also said to benefit your memory because of the chewing itself. This action causes our hearts to pump more blood to our brain than it usually does.

— Jennifer, Miami, FL

08/31/2009 - 6:53pm

Well I believe that chewing gum should be allowed because kids then are more comfortable and they can focus a lot better in school

— Jennifer, Miami, FL

08/31/2009 - 6:52pm




Our End Summery

So all this time you were chewing gum, you did it because it tastes good. But now, you can chew gum because it cleans teeth, prevents cavities, be an alternative to bad habits, help you loose weight, improve memory, and improve concentration! It can also help enhance the size of your breasts. But we won’t get into that!