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Frequently Asked Questions



We do not allow returns on gumballs or candy. It is food and once it leaves our store, it will not be returnable. You would not want to purchase returned gum or candy either.

However if we feel we are responsible we will accept exchange on goods, at our descrection. 

What does 850 count mean?

This is the size of the gumball and the number of gumballs (approximately) in a full case of product. The manufacturer will usually include more gumballs, however, that is not guaranteed.

How much is shipping set on your website? 

We charge a low Flat rate of only $6 per order + 45c per 100g includes packaging.  

 Where do you ship to?


·          Our website is setup to ship anywhere in Australia.

      ·          All our small packages are 100% registered and traceable

·          All our small parcels are Next Day delivery with Australia post.

·          All other parcels anywhere from 2-14 days for delivery. 

·          Please allow approx 2 days handling time



·          We Ship World Wide 

·          Please use our online wholesale order form or feel free to send us an email or fax to find out shipping costs and finalize order.

·          We will find the cheapest and safest way to deliver your package to you as soon as possible


PLEASE NOTE: Prices may change from the time of order placement to when your goods arrive back in stock.  Any items not in stock could take up to 45 days.


How much will my vending machine make?

The success of your machine will be dependent upon many factors mainly location. Look at the traffic flow of the location, if it is busy, you can expect better sales. Example: We have a machine in surfers paradise (main shopping strip) that will do $320 per machine/month and an hairdresser that will do only $120 per machine/month. The National average is between $15 - $30.00 machine/month and you can see with our high paying Gourmet Gumball machines we blast the National average and there’s no suggestion that you can’t do the same.


How do I find locations for my vending machines?

What locations do you frequently normally go to?  Is it usually busy? Big stores or little convenice stores they can both offer the same output ? This would be a good location for a vending machine, stay within your limits. Approach the location owner and propose to set up one of your machines within their store, explaining to them that you will completely service the machine yourself. Let them know that the machine takes up less than one square foot of floor space, does not need any electricity, and will provide their customers with a great service. Best of all, they will earn a percentage of the gross sales (typically anywhere from 15% to 40%), 

 Do I need to offer the store owner a percentage of my sales?

This depends. There are many charitable organizations that will supply you with stickers to put on your vending machines in exchange for a nominal monthly fee or percentage of sales. Most store owners will allow you space in their stores for free when you are associated with a charitable organization (make sure you follow through with the donation, business owners will check). You can offer them a percentage of the sales. After all, their landlord is charging them rent for each square foot of space. We recommend offering anywhere from 15% to 40%, depending on the location.
Should I use a locating service?

We firmly believe that the best way to secure quality locations is to do it yourself. The location will be seeing and interacting with you when you service and service, personality is important in getting and retaining accounts.

What are good locations for vending machines?

In our experience, certain businesses have consistently proven to be successful locations. These include restaurants, discount clothing stores, bowling alleys, skating rinks, call centres, shopping malls, movie theaters and supermarkets. All locations are viable if given enough time. You may have different locations that need servicing more like once a month, or every couple of months, etc.

Do I need a business license or insurance to operate a vending route?

You should consult with your local city licensing department to find out the specific rules and regulations pertaining to bulk vending in your state.

Once I place a machine, should I have the location owner sign some sort of contract?

This is up to you, but in our experience we have found that a contractual agreement is unnecessary and usually costs more money to enforce than it's worth. Although since we do have a lot of machines out there we do have our own written contract for them to sign which you can easily write up yourself.

Is theft and/or vandalism a big issue with these machines?

Because bulk vending machines are typically placed in high visibility and high traffic locations where there are people or employees at all times, theft and vandalism is uncommon. You will find the machines "grow legs" and walk out. This is a sure sign that an employee had a "buddy" take them out and the store owner has a bigger problem with theft. A simple and cost-effective solution would be to wrap a chain around the base of the machine and chain it to a fixture within the store.

Can I operate my vending business from my home?

Yes you can run it almost anywhere


I want to make a purchase, but I just don't trust any online Internet payment stuff. Can I pay by mail?

Yes you can please print your order out and send it to PO box 7447 gold coast MC 9726 Q.L.D Australia. Make payable to FancySweets

But remember our site is 100% secured and 100% safe to shop. Our site is secure and all information is only held for a very short period of time.


Why should I purchase from Gourmet Gumballs

Because we are proudly Australian owned and managed and offer the most selective GOURMET GUMBALLS from all around the world direct to our customers leaving out all the middle men to offer the absolute lowest prices possible.


Do you sell replacement parts?

Yes we do, but only for our 5ft gourmet gumball machines


What if the item I want isn’t in stock ?

We will notify you if your item is not in stock and give you the option of waiting, exchange or provide you with a full refund.

Please Allow up 45 days for items that are not in stock.

All items on back order require at least 20% non refundable deposit, if you have payed in full and choose to cancell your order at anytime you will be deducted a 20% restocking fee.

PLEASE NOTE: Prices may change from the time of order placement to when your goods arrive back in stock.



I have not recived my order ?

Please email us if you have not recieved your order with 7-10 business days.